CSEM Lab Automation
Le 07-02-2019

With digitalization, the challenge for labs has shifted from handling large numbers of samples to handling large quantities of data.Digitalization is vital to today’s technological transformations. It leads to the laboratory of the future, and CSEM will take us there. CSEM masters the technologies required for liquid handling, robotics and automation, machine learning, and industrial vision.

Combining these four competences brings genuine benefits.Imagine a liquid handling system equipped with sensors and advanced algorithms—a system that is independent of a liquid’s properties and that calibrates itself without human intervention.Imagine this system is connected to a deep neural network that makes decisions based on learned human experiences; a network able to adapt and reconfigure itself and to monitor the state of processes and its interactions with users.

Imagine this system could reduce costs, increase reliability, and optimize quality, giving researchers time to release their creativity.

CSEM makes this dream a reality by providing the next-generation laboratory technologies that will enable innovative applications in many disciplines.

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