Air-to-Ground Coordinated Robot Motion - Innovation Award 2017
Le 01-05-2017

KUKA Innovation Award 2017 – Finalist Spotlight
Air-to-Ground Coordinated Robot Motion | Team Tele-MAGMaS | France-Italy-South Korea

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Manipulation of long and flexible objects in construction and search-and-rescue operations

Automate movement of long, unwieldy parts that produce heavy torque strain on robotic arm

Aerial manipulator and ground-based robot manipulator coordinated with human guidance

• First application of aerial robot manipulator coordinated with ground robot manipulator
• Long, flexible and awkward parts can be moved around unstructured environments
• Telepresence framework with haptic and visual feedback allows for easy adaptability
• Aerial robot-ground robot-human coordinated motion enabled by tele-presence framework
• Aerial robot force controlled despite aerodynamics

Institutions and Team Members:
Team Tele-MAGMaS
French National Center for Scientic Research (CNRS)
University of Siena (IRISA)
Seoul National University (INRIA)
Nicolas Staub
Davide Bicego
Mostafa Mohammadi
Quentin Sablé
Dr. HDR. Antonio Franchi
Victor Arellano
Subodh Misra
Prof. Domenico Prattichizzo
Dr. HDR Paolo Robuffo Giordano
Quentin Delamare
Prof. Dongjun Lee
Hyunsoo Yang
Myungsin Kim
Changsu Ha


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