Memmert - HPP and ICH L Climate Chambers
Le 21-02-2017

Always providing the perfect climate is at the heart of Memmert’s product development as well as its customer relations. The absolutely precise control of all parameters, such as temperature, humidity and CO2 content guarantee stable long-term atmosphere within the inner chamber. Last, but not least, Memmert climate chambers HPP and ICH L help illuminate scientific research, if perfectly conditioned light is crucial for experiments and testing routines.

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The HPP constant climate chamber – with daylight conditions. Thanks to an optional light module for all three HPP model sizes, applications such as germination, plant cultivation or insect breeding are possible under daylight conditions and under a constant climate. Compared with conventional illuminants, LEDs benefit the environment in two ways: through their lower energy consumption right from the start and through their lower heat emission to the front, reducing the energy needed to cool the working chamber.

The ICH L climate chamber – Stability test in accordance with ICH. The ICH L climate chambers 260 and 750 can be equipped with a second illumination unit doubling the space for stability tests of food and beverage, cosmetics, packaging and particularly of pharmaceutics in accordance with standard ICH Q1B, option 2.


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