Valtronic Technologies (Suisse) SA - Medical device manufacturing
Le 06-06-2012
de Valtronic Technologies (Suisse) SA

Manufacturing Services

When It's Mission Critical
As a full-service contract manufacturer customers rely on Valtronic to provide electronic assembly, medical device manufacturing and precision machining services for Mission Critical projects.

Valtronic’s manufacturing is tightly integrated with our development team and has been fine-tuned over hundreds of thousands of sub-assemblies and finished products for the medical, industrial and transportation markets.

With over 8,000 square meters of manufacturing on three continents, Valtronic is well-versed in global markets. This lets you capitalize on our knowledge as well as the ability to source from a global supply chain to provide the most cost effective manufacturing for our customers. Our facilities all have clean rooms and offer a manufacturing platform covering complete system assemblies, miniaturized electronic assemblies and precision machined parts. Our end goal is to ensure a quality product that offers a competitive advantage for our customers.

We are a FDA registered medical device manufacturer, and are ISO 9001 and 13485:2003 certified.


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