Valtronic Acquires German Engineering Firm, Geisert Square
Le 04-11-2011
de Valtronic Technologies (Suisse) SA

Valtronic Announces Acquisition of German Engineering Firm, Geisert Square
Les Charbonnières, Switzerland, September 28, 2011 – Valtronic announced today that it has acquired Geisert Square GmbH, an engineering company specialized in the development of bio-mechanical medical technology for implants and instruments. They provide project management, development and technical drafts, FE analysis and technical documentation for CE and FDA approval.

"With our expanding manufacturing capacity in precision machining, we want to also offer our customers specialized development services," said Valtronic’s CEO, Dr. Peter Ruppersberg. "The acquisition of Geisert Square benefits Valtronic in many ways. Valtronic will obtain the engineering expertise needed to service the leading companies in the Orthopaedic sector. This will enable a more efficient design and development process for this expanding segment. In addition, Valtronic will acquire all current and future customers and projects within Geisert Square’s portfolio," Dr. Ruppersberg ended.

"We are delighted to add the competencies of the Geisert Square team to Valtronic,” commented Valtronic’s Chief Marketing Officer, Mr. Timothy Cline. “These competencies complement our own and will greatly enhance the value we provide to our German and other customers worldwide.”
Established in 2007, Geisert Square has been designing, developing and producing prototypes for some of the most innovative and successful orthopaedic products worldwide. Today, Geisert Square is recognized as an innovator in product development, setting new standards and creating products with far-reaching implications in their field of specialty.

Geisert Square`s Founder, Mr. Christophe Geisert comments, "Since we opened our doors we have always driven to create engineering solutions that are not only technologically advanced but also deliver benefits to our customers, which were previously not imagined. Joining with Valtronic provides both our customers with a perfect solution of expert engineering and advanced manufacturing services resulting in a competitive edge for them and us.”

About Valtronic
Valtronic is a full service global provider of engineering, design & development and manufacturing services for the medical device and select industrial markets. With facilities in Switzerland, the U.S., Romania and Morocco, our solutions range from micro-electronics and micro-mechanics to the integration of complex systems. Visit the Company website - www.valtronic.com.

About Geisert Square
Based in Germany Geisert Square GmbH is an engineering organization who provides research & development as well as strategic consulting to the orthopaedic market. Visit the company website - www.geisert-square.de.


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