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From Daylight to Lighting 4.0
Le 07-09-2017
de MicroTech Industry® - News des expositions

Montag/Monday, 06.11.2017, Empa Dübendorf

A Workshop organized by the Swiss National Lab for Solid State Lighting

SSSL of the Swissphotonics National Thematic Networt NTN in Collaboration with CSEM and Empa.

At the beginning of the 21st century, a technological revolution has radically changed the way to illuminate our residential and working environments. The replacement of incandescent bulbs and fluorescent tubes with solid-state lighting (SSL) sources has introduced a new paradigm for highly efficient illumination solutions and energy saving (the LEDification or Light 2.0). In the next decade, with the introduction of sensors and control systems in lighting products, a second important step has been done paving the way to smart lighting (or Lighting 3.0), which is meant to improve the quality of our everyday lighting experience. Nowadays, the lighting domain is undergoing a third new revolutionary phase in a very short period. Within the so-called Lighting 4.0, the intelligence provided to lighting systems is eventually going far beyond the simple concepts developed earlier, both bringing illumination products into the age of Internet of Things (IoT) and developing complex lighting systems combining daylight and SSL solutions for energy and cost saving as well as for improving comfort in automatized intelligent buildings.



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