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Iron Oxide Nanoparticles for medical application: still a challenging task for materials research
Le 25-07-2017
de MicroTech Industry® - News des expositions

Monday, 18th December 2017

Iron oxide nanoparticles have been in development for medical applications for more than 20 years. In the mean time, several products were on the market and used in clinics as a contrast agent for MRI or as a drug for the successful treatment of anemia. For economic reasons, iron oxide as a contrast agent disappeared from the market, because it was only accredited for the imaging of liver. Today the most useful development of superparamagnetic iron oxide is, besides imaging, in the field of magnetic fluid hyperthermia. Particles injected locally into the tumor are efficient heat sources if an external alternate magnetic field is applied. To bring iron oxide nanoparticles to the clinics, properties like saturation magnetization, magnetic anisotropy, colloidal stability, biocompatibility and especially targeting has to be strongly improved. In addition to these parameters, biological properties like biodistribution and residence time have to be adapted to the clinical needs. All these properties can only be improved if the behavior of the particles is well understood, both from the physical as well as the biological side.

In this talk, a short introduction of the state of the art will be given, followed by an analysis of the gaps still existing, including some propositions for how to overcome them. The focus of the talk will be the physico-chemical properties and, in addition to typically materials developments, the impact of translational research on materials development will be highlighted.

The speaker is Heinrich Hofmann, Principle Investigator of Magnetotheranostics.


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