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From Data Accumulation to Knowledge Generation
Le 26-05-2017
de MicroTech Industry® - News des expositions

when Bioinformatics Becomes the Clinician’s Companion

Événements Biopôle
13.06.2017 17:30

Organizer: Next Trends
Venue: Biopôle, Hôtel Aquatis, route de Berne 150, 1010 Lausanne

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Recent technological advances and high-throughput automated measurements have led to new challenges for biomedical data storage and mining. Computer-based approaches have therefore become essential to help researchers and clinicians extract new insights from these “big”, “small” or “smart» data. How to avoid the garbage-in / garbage-out syndrome? and turn punctual information into contextualised knowledge?

During this upcoming C-Suite, Prof. T. Schwede, Head of the Personalized Health Informatics group at SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, as well as experts from IBM-Watson and others will explain how bioinformatics are currently revolutionizing the life science and clinical fields, and what are the challenges ahead of this industry, in our ever-connected world.



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