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BROWN - EPFL - ETHZ joint Summer School
Le 24-04-2017
de MicroTech Industry® - News des expositions

The BROWN - EPFL - ETHZ joint Summer School on Neurophysiology for Neural and Biomedical Engineering will take place in Zermatt, Switzerland from August 21-26, 2017.

This six-day program has the goal to bring fundamental knowledge of the main experimental tools and concepts in neurophysiology to the community of engineers working in neural engineering, neuroprosthetics and biomedical engineering.

>> Provide an in-depth view of the main experimental tools and concepts in neurophysiology.

>> Understand how to use this knowledge to design better prostheses, robots, and treatment for patients.

Alongside the lectures, a workshop afternoon on electrophysiological and optical signal processing and data analysis is organized. Additionally, a night poster session will be organized and during which the participants will present their own work.

The 2-ECTS summer school will consist of 8 plenary talks, providing a solid explanation of experimental and theoretical neuroscience tools, and 5 symposia speakers, presenting their work consisting in the framework of application of these tools.

In order to be eligible for credits, participants will be asked to submit and give an oral pitch presentation about a group project proposal that will have to cover some of the techniques seen during the course. The student presentations will happen on Saturday morning (26.08.2017) before the closing remarks.

All information and application at

Author: Bruno Herbelin
Source: Center for Neuroprosthetics


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