INNOBRIDGE SA - Management consulting
Le 25-08-2014
de Innobridge SA

We bring years of experience in start-up and spin-off creation as well as in joint-ventures founding and management.

Thanks to our partner organization JADE Invest SA, we can finance high-tech start-up and new businesses during their seed process. We provide your company with deep know-how in corporate finance and can contribute to your business developments thanks to our knowledge in Mergers & Acquisition activities.

investment management

We are in charge of screening the market to detect high-potential technology projects and invest in seed and early-stage companies.
We manage:

- Investment in seed and early stage companies
- Administrative creation process
- Board positions

corporate finance

We support your organization in its investments decisions, projects valuation and capital structuring.
We can provide you with:

- Search for financial partners
- Finance structuring from equity to debt
- M&A activities
- - sellers / buyers screening
- - Due diligence
- Contract and negotiation support

entrepreneur coaching

We support founders of a start-up to successfully develop their new companies.

We can assist entrepreneurs in:

- Evaluate different strategic options and define their business models
- Design their business plan
- Find partners for the industrialisation of technologies or products
- Company creation


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