Innovation Leaders 2019 – presented by EPFL EMBA
Le 22-03-2019
de École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)

Innovation Leaders Annual Event

At this year’s Innovation Leaders Event, we will hear about new devices, about how data can be used to help in diagnoses, and we will discuss the business implications of these innovations.

The prevalence of micro-sensor enabled wearable devices and the increasing accuracy of these sensors is blurring the lines between consumer devices and medical technology.

Activity trackers and other wearable devices provide simultaneous measurements of movement, heart rhythm, body temperature, blood oxygen content and even blood pressure.

What potential does this plethora of data hold for users, the businesses that have access to it, and to humanity as a whole?

Guest Speakers:

Christopher Rudolf, Founder and CEO at Volv Global
Maurizio Corazzini, CEO at Lightbringer Tech Ltd
Brian Hashemi, Managing Partner at Salus Partners
The event will take place at EPFL Rolex Learning Center from 18h and will be followed by an apero.



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