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A new era of tools—now available at CSEM
Le 07-12-2017

This picture has something to tell you ...

CSEM has officially entered a new era, receiving an Aether Bioprinter beta unit and thus joining an enormous worldwide 3-D bioprinting collaborative project that includes researchers from the world's top universities, pharmaceutical companies, military research centers, and private enterprise.

This global collaboration may lead to significant breakthroughs in 3-D bioprinting as well as multimaterial printing. CSEM will have a unique opportunity in Switzerland to bring this technology to its network of industrial or academic partners. One of Aether’s objectives is to completely eliminate live animal testing by pursuing major advances in 3-D bioprinting.

CSEM aims to focus on the development of technology bricks with the Aether 1 in order to fabricate 3-D components with embedded functionalities, including actuators, sensors and/or communication. The ultimate goal would be 3-D printing a finished product, such as “self-packaging” device. One example of this would be the realization of a smart prosthesis (knee or hip), with integrated force sensors to monitor the pressure distribution on the implant during recovery and throughout its lifetime, or to detect failure and the need for replacement.

Such a development would improve the quality of care and reduce the pain experienced by patients. As Aether 1 is able to print using liquid materials, many others opportunities are foreseen.

After an initial qualification phase, CSEM’s goal is to launch a contest for local educational institutions, inviting students to define a new printing idea. The most promising concepts will be printed by CSEM and tested with the students that proposed them. The system will be also open, upon request, to Swiss universities and to organizations in the ETH domain.

More information on Aether.


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