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CSEM - Portable Device for Fast Detection of Food Contaminations
Le 13-07-2017

Exactly how pure is swiss milk?

Thanks to pastures of succulent grass and the pure mountain air, milk produced by Swiss cows has always enjoyed an excellent reputation. It’s even likely that, in the 19th century, the exceptional quality of this particular Swiss “white gold” influenced Henri Nestlé in developing his famed infant formula milk.

Myth, or reality? Now it’s possible to determine whether this reputation is justified. The portable Biofos device developed by CSEM and its partners within the framework of a European project really enables food manufacturers to test – in situ – the quality of milk, olive oil and nuts. Practical, fast and low cost, this new tool makes possible the detection of seven contaminants, such as penicillin in milk. Its industrial potential has been recognized by the European Commission, who lists it in its Success Stories.

A device for use on the farm
The Biofos device is a concentration of multiple technological features. The scientists at CSEM in central Switzerland developed an integrated and automated solution for performing the tests. To achieve this, they leveraged their expertise in microfluidics and automatization. They were also responsible for the integration of the various technological components required in a portable tool to be used in an agricultural environment.



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