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Le 07-10-2019
de Agathon AG, Maschinenfabrik

The Neo concept

Neo = Increased productivity due to laser pre-processing of superhard materials

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Combined process
Tungsten carbide workpieces, in particular indexable inserts with superhard tips (PCD, pCBN etc.) are lasered near to the final dimension and finally processed on the grinding machine. Compared to grinding, the Neo laser has an approximately 100 times higher removal rate when processing superhard materials.

Advantages of the Neo concept
● Ideal combination of tremendous machining speed and perfect surface quality
● The combined process of laser processing and grinding is faster than other established processes
● Considerably reduced costs for consumables when grinding the superhard material tips
● Reasonable investment costs for laser processing
● The Neo is extremely compact with a footprint of about 1 m2 (with automation unit around 2 m2)

Neo - the details

Neo – the complete machine
● Laser Roughing machine for superhard materials (pCBN, PCD)
● Processing the periphery, clearance angles, chip breakers and laser marking on indexable inserts
● Greater efficiency due to automatic loading. Also available without automation unit.
● Compact and open design for best accessibility and ergonomic comfort
● The Neo can be set up and operated from different angles using the hand-held panel.
● Three mechanical axes and three optical axes

Technical data

Axes Machine
● 3 mechanical axes (Z, A, B)
● 3 optical axes (X, Y, Z)

Automation unit
● 6 mechanical axes

● Periphery, clearance angle, chip breakers & laser marking

Dimensions (L x W x H)
● Machine 1.40 m x 0.76 m x 1.60 m
● Automation 1.47 m x 0.91 m x 1.58 m

● 600 kg | without automation
● 1200 kg | with automation

Clamping device
● B3 clamping device
● W25 clamping chuck

Suction device
● integrated

Cooling unit
● integrated

Number of trays
● 2

Type of trays
● All current trays

● Clamping system HSK E25 (manual loading)

Unmatched advantages – greater benefits

Highly productive and matched to one another
● The machine concept ensures efficient laser processing and can be combined with tried and tested automation
● Significantly faster processing of carbide inserts with superhard tips (pCBN, PKD)
● Reduction of the effective processing time up to 40%
● Handling, handling tools, attachments and HMI are industrial Agathon standard

Set-up and operation made simple
● Easy to use without prior knowledge in laser processing
● Short set-up and changeover times due to intuitive HMI and functional hand-held terminal
● Easy programming with largely standardized Agathon User-Experience
● Outstanding accessibility for easy loading and unloading as well as maintenance

High autonomy and outstanding results
● High production autonomy through efficient automation which can be fitted with up to two trays
● After processing, the workpieces can be stored in the initial tray as well as in the alternative tray
● Optimized for high thermal stability and thus for a stable production environment and perfect quality of parts
● High production reliability thanks to its industrial laser source

Compact and flexible
● Neo with the automation unit together require just about 2 m2 of floor space
● Only power and pneumatic connections (with automation) are required for the operation
● The Neo concept integrates itself perfectly into today’s production environment
● The automation unit can be attached at a later time


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