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LYNCEE TEC SA - Time-resolved Profilometer
Le 09-10-2017
de Lyncée Tec SA

Add the 4th dimension to 3D optical profilometry

Time-resolved profilometer by Digital Holographic Microscopy (DHM®) provides 3D topography measurements of static samples with interferometric resolution. And additionally, thanks to its unique non-scanning technology, it provides ultra short time resolution, down to 1 ms. This unique 4D measurement ability opens a large and exciting new field of applications.

4D: time-sequence of 3D measurements

• 3D acquisition rate at 190 fps (1000 fps optional)
• Temporal resolution down to 100 μs (10 μs optional)
• Large vertical measurement range, up to 200 μm

Smart-surface : UV sensitive polymer

• 3D optical profilometer with interferometric resolution
• Sub-nanometer vertical resolution for any choice of objective
• High resolution and long working distance objective
• Measurement in air, in liquids, through optical window, within environmental chambers

Characterization of sample changes due to:

• Thermodynamics parameters (pressure, temperature)
• Surrounding gas and liquid (deposition, corrosion)
• Mechanic and electromagnetic forces
• Light irradiance

User Testimonial

The researchers from the Netherlands presents a new concept to induce macroscopic morphing in polymer surfaces by an amplified response of a single molecule event. The kinetics of the surface deformation is measured by DHM

Publication : New insights into photoactivated volume generation boost surface morphing in liquid crystal coatings, Danquing Liu & Dirk J.Broer

We are making surface structures can be switched ‘on’ and ‘off’ by external means (at the frequency ranging from several Hertz to hundred Hertz. Digital Holographic Microscope (DHM) has the unique possibility to measure real-time 3D topography in a non-contact and non-scanning manner while keeps the vertical resolution to sub-nanometers
Danqing Liu, The Eindhoven University of Technology


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