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Offres de vente : CNC controlled Gear Hobbing Machines HUAWIN 93NC
Le 10-01-2017
de Muller Machines SA

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Machine's group : CNC controlled Gear Hobbing Machines
Type : HUAWIN 93NC
Controller : HUAWIN (FANUC / SIEMENS optional)

Technical data

Work capacity:max. diameter 60 mm

max. module 1 / 1.5

Pitch min. 6
max. 390

Max. milling cutter displac. 60 mm

Milling cutter speeds:
from 300 rpm
up to 3000 rpm

Max. milling head inclination +/- 45 °

axial from mm/min
up to 1000 mm/min
radial from mm/min
up to 1000 mm/min

Power 0.75 kW

Machine's weight about 1250 kg

Overall dimensions machine:
Length 1455 mm
Width 1274 mm
Height 2378 mm

Various accessories:

Set of gears


Coolant system

Technical specifications and pictures without guarantee.



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