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WAGO Kontakttechnik GmbH & Co. KG - Smart Grid Fachtagung
Wie lässt sich das Zusammenspiel der erneuerbaren Energien mit flexiblen Stromverbrauchern und Speichern, die zum Ausgleich der schwank...
le 22-11-2017

Medical Robotics - Interview with KUKA at MEDICA 2017
We were recently at MEDICA 2017 in Düsseldorf, one of the largest trade fairs for medical technology in the world. KUKA's global head o...
le 22-11-2017

Robotics Simulation V-REP
The video illustrates a V-REP simulation. Voir la société [youtube:xIYiKpd4v10]...
le 21-11-2017

High-quality implants and orthopaedic instruments - Interview with GPC Medical Ltd.
The quality of the implants and orthopaedic instruments used is a fundamental prerequisite for the success of surgical procedures. They...
le 21-11-2017

The MEDICA START-UP PARK: spotlight on young companies
What's UP? This year, a piece of the future of digital health is shown for the first time in the MEDICA START-UP PARK. Here, young comp...
le 20-11-2017

KUKA LBR Med – Robotic Needle Positioning
Needle positioning with the LBR Med which is nearly as touch sensitive as a human. Needle can exactly be inserted by the doctor. Voi...
le 15-11-2017

Komax MES – Enterprise Manufacturing Execution System
Komax MES – Enterprise manufacturing execution system for the wire processing industry 4.0 A state-of-the-art manufacturing executio...
le 13-11-2017

OPTOTUNE - Focus stacking in real time
In collaboration with Silicon Software we are proud to present a focus stacking system running at 20 frames per second. During 50ms, th...
le 13-11-2017

Progress Digitalization - without German hospitals?
At the medical technology fair MEDICA and the concurrent German Hospital Day taking place in Düsseldorf the German Hospital Association...
le 13-11-2017

WAGO 221-Verbindungshelden #3
WAGO 221-Verbindungshelden #3: Elektrotechnik trifft auf Elektro-DJ (Verlauf Dich Nicht Open Air) Von der Hauptstadt geht es wieder ...
le 13-11-2017

Wafer inspection using digital holography microscopy
Digital holography enables fast and stable 3D topography acquisition. It is ideal for wafer level inspection. Structure height, flat...
le 10-11-2017

MEDICA TradeFair - Digitale Krankenhäuser
Anla?sslich der in Du?sseldorf stattfindenden Medizintechnik-Messe MEDICA und dem parallel veranstalteten Dt. Krankenhaustag fordert di...
le 10-11-2017

EPFL - A robotic spy among the fish
A new miniature robot developed by EPFL researchers can swim with fish, learn how they communicate with each other and make them change...
le 10-11-2017

A look at the medicine of tomorrow – At MEDICA Preview in Hamburg
Every year in September, MEDICA Preview takes place at the University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf. It is intended to give visitors, exhi...
le 09-11-2017

Depuis plus de 90 ans Muller Machines SA s'est forgé une réputation de qualité et de fiabilité dans le monde entier. Visitez sur 15'000...
le 09-11-2017

EPFL - Technis - The floor you walk on is now smart
Technis, an EPFL spin-off, has developed a system that combines a connected floor surface with artificial intelligence. Voir la soci...
le 09-11-2017

Optical coherence tomography - Looking into the vessel with light
The cardiology department at the Clinical Center Dortmund has used optical coherence tomography for many years. The technique can be us...
le 06-11-2017

Discover Tornos MultiSwiss!
The two new variants – the MultiSwiss 8x26 and the MultiSwiss 6x32 – have been designed based on the philosophy and the technology whic...
le 06-11-2017

Kevin Vuilleumier, Dessinateur constructeur industriel, Ebauches Mécaniques Precitram SA
MECAFORMA.CH est une plate-forme de valorisation de l'industrie de précision suisse mise en œuvre par diverses associations professionn...
le 06-11-2017

WAGO 221-Verbindungshelden #2: 1.700 Meter LED-Band und 2.000 Klemmen
Le groupe WAGO est leader dans le domaine de la connectique à ressort destinée aux systèmes d'automation et de connexion. Nos produ...
le 31-10-2017
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