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A drone that flies (almost) like a bird
A drone has been equipped with feathers to increase its precision during flight. The bio-inspired device can spread or close its wings ...
le 16-12-2016

DataMan 262X Reading 2-D Labels at High Speed
Cognex DataMan 262X can process up to 45 decodes per second! With 2DMax+, this includes not only well-marked codes, but damaged, wrinkl...
le 16-12-2016

Buildings Printed by Robots - the Future of Architecture
3D printing has the potential to revolutionize the way humans manufacture and build things, from the small scale to the very large. By ...
le 14-12-2016

Solar Impulse ingénieur électrotechnique : Sébastien Demont
Lorsqu’il était enfant, le rêve de Sébastien Demont était d’inventer des choses. Pour le réaliser, il lui fallait donc des outils, ceux...
le 14-12-2016

Solar Impulse expert en modélisations mathématiques : Christophe Béesau
En tant qu’expert en modélisations mathématiques, Christophe Béesau dirige l’équipe en charge de la stratégie de vol de Solar Impulse. ...
le 14-12-2016

Solar Impulse Head of Conceptual Design : Peter Frei
Peter Frei was always interested in planes and he wanted to know how they function, that’s why he decided to enroll in mechanical engin...
le 13-12-2016

Solar Impulse Lead Engineer : Robert Fraefel
Robert Fraefel was already interested in planes as a child so that was clear for him that he would become a mechanical engineer. As...
le 13-12-2016

Salon EPHJ EPMT SMT 2016 à Palexpo - Genève
Retrouvez en images la 15ème édition du salon EPHJ EPMT SMT. SAVE THE DATE : la prochaine édition aura lieu du 20 au 23 juin 2017 à ...
le 12-12-2016

Prof. David Atienza - EPFL Embedded Systems Laboratory for Solar Impulse
David Atienza is a professor in Electrical Engineering at EPFL. He explains how the Embedded Systems Laboratory helped monitoring Solar...
le 12-12-2016

Service Overhaul
The overhaul that we perform in our workshops fully restores the capacities of your machine. We offer an overhaul service by highly qua...
le 09-12-2016

CERATIZIT 3x3 – technical video
CERATIZIT 3x3 offers a seamlessly well-structured portfolio which ensures a user-friendly experience when selecting the most economical...
le 07-12-2016

Cryotherapy – Destroying cancer with ice EN
Killing tumors with up to minus 180 degrees – this is possible with the cryotherapy. Needle-guided gases freeze cells so that they die....
le 07-12-2016

Alphacam - Fonctions booléennes
Fondée en 1986 par son directeur actuel Marcel Weber, MW Programmation SA est une entreprise familiale spécialisée dans le domaine de l...
le 06-12-2016

New BOBST K5 EXPERT Vacuum Metallizer unveiled at Bobst Manchester Open House
Launch of the world’s highest productivity vacuum metallizer for the packaging industry. Voir la société [youtube:lmhXHsuaDug] ...
le 06-12-2016

A neurotechnology startup accelerates recovery after a stroke: Tej Tadi at TEDxLausanne
Dr Tej Tadi, a neuroscientist, founded MindMaze in 2011 to develop technologies that help patients recover from brain injuries. Last ye...
le 05-12-2016

Commutateurs à cames ABB OC10 et OC25
Une nouvelle conception de contact breveté améliore les performances et réduit le risque de rebonds des contacts. Voir la société ...
le 30-11-2016

WAGO - More power no longer means more space
Streamline your high-current applications with WAGO's new range of PCB terminal blocks for power electronics. Voir la société [yo...
le 30-11-2016

TORNOS SA - Swiss GT 26B - Electronics part
Up to 36 tools, including 16 rotating tools The machine possess unique characteristics. The innovative design of the B-axis accommod...
le 30-11-2016

WAGO gewinnt den Industrie 4.0 Innovation Award
Fachleute und Jury sind sich einig: die wandlungsfähige Produktion ist die Basis dafür, im Zeitalter von Digitalisierung und Industrie ...
le 29-11-2016

Fast & Reliable Robotic Micro Screw Fastening
This fully integrated and ready-to-use robotic system from KUKA makes it easy to automate manufacturing of small parts and products con...
le 29-11-2016
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