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When deep learning mistakes a coffee-maker for a cobra
“Is this your sister?” That’s the kind of question asked by image-recognition systems, which are becoming increasingly prevalent in our...
le 06-04-2017

CSEM - Real-time face detection and recognition
Real-time face detection and recognition: Just one application of the vision-in-package system The vision-in-package (VIP) system is...
le 04-04-2017

Vortrag: TDK-Micronas - Integration mit Perspektiven | microTEC Clusterkonferenz
Vortrag M. Bopp, CEO: TDK-Micronas - Integration mit Perspektiven Clusterkonferenz der microTEC Südwest. Das Netzwerktreffen der Mikr...
le 04-04-2017

A computed tomography scanner for objects
Micro computed tomography scanners deliver very high-resolution images of the internal structure of materials. EPFL has now acquired on...
le 03-04-2017

DC 24 V Netzteil - EPSITRON® COMPACT Power
Die kleine, leistungsstarke Stromversorgung. Die preiswerten EPSITRON® COMPACT POWER Netzgeräte, eignen sich besonders für den Einsatz ...
le 31-03-2017

Light instead of darkness – Seeing with the Argus II Implant
Retinitis pigmentosa is a hereditary eye disorder, which can lead to night blindness, restriction of the peripheral visual field and ul...
le 30-03-2017

POLYDENTIA - myCustom Ring Kit powered by StyleItaliano
myCustom Rings kit has been developed in partnership with Style Italiano, a study group of clinicians and researchers specialized in ae...
le 30-03-2017

EPSITRON® CLASSIC Power - Stromversorgung
Die robuste Stromversorgung mit integriertem TopBoost. Voir la société [youtube:eX7DgpVp_Bg] ...
le 29-03-2017

New Robots for Low Payloads - KR CYBERTECH Series
At the recent China International Industry Fair, KUKA launched the KR CYBERTECH series of robots for payloads ranging from 6 to 22 kg. ...
le 22-03-2017

Embedded World, Messe-Interview zum HVC 4223F Motor Controller | TDK-Micronas
R. Laschewski präsentiert den TDK-Micronas HVC 4223F Motor Controller auf der Embedded World 2017 in Nürnberg. Voir la société [y...
le 22-03-2017

High speed press BRUDERER BSTA 60 HL
High speed press BRUDERER BSTA 60 HL Voir la société [youtube:7vGpbxrQSrc] ...
le 21-03-2017

COMPAMED 2017 – High-Tech Solutions for Medical Technology
The trade fair for suppliers and manufacturers of medical technologies invites you to Düsseldorf from 13 – 16 November. Welcome to COMP...
le 17-03-2017

MEDICA 2017 – World Forum for Medicine
The world's leading trade fair for the medical industry invites you to Düsseldorf from 13 - 16 November 2017. Welcome to MEDICA – Be pa...
le 17-03-2017

Helping China Achieve its Robotic Automation Goals - CIIF 2016
Recently KUKA was at the China International Industry Fair, demonstrating our commitment to the Chinese market by meeting the growing n...
le 17-03-2017

Imbrication avec Alphacam
Imbrication de pièce avec Alphacam, logiciel de CFAO. Voir la société [youtube:pAhHm7O16GI] ...
le 16-03-2017

Komax MicroForce 80 – Guaranteeing quality precise and efficient
Contact faults are often the result of crimped insulation and missing strands. To eradicate issues of this nature and guarantee complet...
le 15-03-2017

Joint Efforts Towards Treating Paralysis
EPFL scientists Stéphanie Lacour and Grégoire Courtine report on the status of their research and share their vision about the future o...
le 15-03-2017

Komax Alpha 530 – durable investments are more profitable
Solid, reliable technology coupled with innovative solutions ensures and increases your company’s ability to add value. The Alpha 530 –...
le 13-03-2017

Komax MES (CN) – Enterprise manufacturing execution system
Komax MES (CN) – enterprise manufacturing execution system for the wire processing industry 4.0 A state-of-the-art manufacturing exe...
le 13-03-2017

Shapes, colors, safety – Re-Design in medical technology
When is the redesign of a medical device necessary? And what relevance does it have in the medical technology sector? We informed ourse...
le 10-03-2017
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